Anders J. Schoubye
Associate Professor
Stockholm University

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But if ... (draft)


Names are Variables (preprint)
The Philosophical Review (2020, vol. 129, 1:53–94)
Variabilism (preprint)
The Routledge Handbook on Linguistic Reference, Routledge 2021
(ed. Stephen Biggs & Heimir Geirsson)
The Predicative Predicament (preprint)
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2018, vol. 96, 3:571-595)
Type-Ambiguous Names (preprint)
Mind (2017, vol. 126, 503:715-767)
Against the Russellian Open Future (preprint)
Mind (2017, vol. 126, 504:1217-1237, co-authored with Brian Rabern)
A Problem for Predicativism not Solved by Predicativism (link)
Semantics & Pragmatics (2016, vol. 9, 18:1-11)
What is Said? (preprint)
Noûs (2016, vol. 50, 4:759-793, co-authored with Andreas Stokke)
Ghosts, Murderers, and the Semantics of Descriptions (preprint)
Noûs (2013, vol. 47, 3: 496-533)
Against the Argument from Convention (preprint)
Linguistics and Philosophy (2012, vol. 35, 6:515-532)
Descriptions, Truth Value Intuitions, and Questions (preprint)
Linguistics and Philosophy (2009, vol. 32: 583-617)


Continuum Companion to Philosophy of Language (link)
(ed. Kölbel and Garcia-Carpintero), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews


On Describing (download)
(University of St Andrews, 2011)